Hiro’s Happy Heroes!

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When Hiro-san hosted his T.V. game show, Hiro’s Happy Heroes, everyone had so much fun. He was dressed in a Union Jack long-tailed suit, a shirt with the Japanese flag, a salmon pink bow tie and a wobbly top hat that bounced around his head as he leaped and jumped across the studio floor. He teased his guests and joked around in a hilarious, fun-packed show. Lizzie and Josh chose their door and had to work their way around an assault course with their legs tied together in a three-legged race!


Hiro-san’s sightseeing tour to Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle Josh & Roger

Hiro-san is on his travels again! The castles in England are so different to those in Japan, but just like Japanese castles, Scotney has a moat also. It was spring, just a short while after Josh helped Roger, a school bully, and it was at this scene that they both sketched the old ruins. Hiro-san took a stroll around the ruins and really enjoyed his day!

“ああ、楽しかったです!” (ahh tanoshikata dess!)

“Ahhh! That was enjoyable!” he thought to himself as he strolled around.

Hiro-san went sightseeing to Stonehenge today

Hiro-san's missing top hat!

 Hiro-san’s missing top hat!

Hiro-san decided he wanted to go and see Stonehenge for the first time during his stay in England. It was a really hot day and he got so hot that he took off his top hat. Later, as he decided to go home the silly billy realised he’d forgotten where he put his hat!

Do you think a pigeon carried up to the top of one of the pillars?