Here are some of the Japanese names for the characters in The Game Master

Roger = ロジャー = Rojaa
Micky = ミッキー = Mikii
Colin = コリン = Corin
Lizzie = リジー = Rijii
Rachel = レイチェル = Raychyeru
Alya = アリア = Aria

Where you see a line after the name it extends the sound. Sometimes English words pronounced in Japanese are different because Japanese doesn’t have the same sounds as in English – but that happens when pronouncing a Japanese word in English too.

For example, in the name “Rachel” there is no equal sound for R or L but if you put your tongue lightly behind your teeth and try and say L or R you will be able to learn how to use that sound. Also, in Rachel, because in Japanese there must be a vowel after a consonant, “L” becomes “ru”

Ask Hiro-san to translate your name into Japanese!


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