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Everyone dresses in traditional yukata and visits places where “Hanabi” – spectacular fireworks that lasts for over one hour!

Hanabi is written in Kanji as 花火 and actually means “flower fire.”
花 = hana = flower
火 = bi = fire

You may recall that before, when introducing Mount Fuji that it is a volcano which, in Kanji is 火山 (ka-zan)

Kanji originally came from China so normally a Kanji can be pronounced in two ways. So 火 can be “ka” or it can be “bi.”

Enjoy seeing the fireworks!

Hiro-san visited the North Downs in Kent…

A hat on the North Downs

It was Hiro-san’s first trip to England when he settled in the county town of Kent, Maidstone. He lived close to the North Downs and could easily walk through the wooded countryside that led up the chalky hills. It was a rare, sunny day and trekking up the hills made him sweat in the warming heat – so much so that he had to take his hat off and laid it on the grass.

“So!” he thought, “This is where Mrs Fryer’s class came for a camp! Wow! The rolling hills of the Kent countryside are beautiful! それは本当にきれいです。マタ来ます!!” (Hontoni kirei, mata kimass – It’s beautiful! I must come back!)

The Rube Goldberg Challenge!

Rube Goldberg Machine

It was the day of the Rube Goldberg Challenge! Mrs Fryer appointed Tony to be the group leader with Alex, Josh and Micky the chief architects. It was hard work but the class worked together as a team – even Roger and Micky. Their machine nearly broke down but to loud cheers from all the school, they savoured the sight of the headmaster being caned! Mrs Fryer was so pleased with her class that she shed a tear!

Hiro’s Happy Heroes!

FBJ Profile

When Hiro-san hosted his T.V. game show, Hiro’s Happy Heroes, everyone had so much fun. He was dressed in a Union Jack long-tailed suit, a shirt with the Japanese flag, a salmon pink bow tie and a wobbly top hat that bounced around his head as he leaped and jumped across the studio floor. He teased his guests and joked around in a hilarious, fun-packed show. Lizzie and Josh chose their door and had to work their way around an assault course with their legs tied together in a three-legged race!